Mark Ungashick

Vice President
Mary Madden

Gretchen Vosburgh

John Joyce

Board Members

Carol Caron

Katheigh Degen

Erin Duba

Pat Fanning

Chris Gaughan

Buffy Gunter

Marie Kissick

Adriana Martinez

Clare McClaren

Erin Neuburger

Dr. Dan Peter, ex officio

Mary Parrish

Mark Rieger

Jenny Stasi

Jim Still

Mary Stuckey

Sean Switzer

Ryan Underwood

Peggy Van Dyke

Executive Director
M. Lynn Hire


Reasons for serving on the FIRE Foundation Board:

 “As a parishioner, I think about the St. Therese Stewardship Covenant. Stewardship calls each of us to commit our time, talent, and treasure to God. My husband and I have spent past few years attending the FIRE fundraisers and gaining additional knowledge of the foundation. With that, I am faithfully compelled to commit the same stewardship to a foundation that provides children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education. It takes time, talent, and treasure from many to continue on this special journey and I am excited to be involved.”