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FIRE Celebrates 25 Years!

Check out FIRE’s fans and friends as they reflect on 25 Years of Inclusive Education and its impact!

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Keep FIRE’s Flame Burning Brightly During These Challenging Times

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic and social distancing measures, FIRE is postponing and changing the format of some 2020 scheduled fundraising events. Donations from friends like you will ensure that FIRE is able to continue supporting inclusive education in Diocesan Catholic schools. With homeschooling and distance learning as the new normal, special educators and paraprofessionals continue to support students’ learning needs remotely. Thank goodness for technology and internet connections!


Thanks to the CARES Act, donors like you may qualify for new tax advantages. When you help FIRE continue to support inclusive Catholic education, you can benefit from recently announced tax deductions.


  • New $300 Deduction. Individuals who take the standard deduction can claim an above-the-line tax deduction for cash donations to qualified charitable organizations, up to $300.
  • 60% of AGI Limit Suspended for 2020. Gifts made in 2020 by individuals who itemize deductions can deduct up to 100% of charitable contributions. Deductions for cash donations were previously limited to 60% of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income.
  • Corporations’ 10% Limit Increased to 25% for 2020 
    For the 2020 tax year, corporations can deduct up to 25% of the taxpayer’s taxable income for any cash contributions made to qualified charitable organizations. Deductions for cash donations were previously limited to 10% of the taxpayer’s taxable income.


 Your $300 gift helps students with special needs stay on track with learning. Using technology, special educators and paraprofessionals are engaging with learners, even when they can’t be together in the classroom.


Our Mission

To provide children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive education in the Catholic schools they attend.

How the FIRE Foundation brings inclusion to the classroom

By Rae Daniel
KSHB TV Kansas City

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — When you meet 6th grader Jaylee Taylor, in an instant, a smile will spread across her face. You can’t help but smile right along with her.Kaylee’s parents, Tony Taylor and Kim Taylor describe their daughter as a tenacious person who brings joy. Within minutes, you can see how accurately those words describe.Jaylee, who has Down syndrome, is fairly new to her School, Nativity of Mary in Independence, Missouri. Her parents were looking for a change.

“I think we were very excited, but we were also nervous because there is some fear, or apprehension, I think as a parent in bringing your child who has special need and how he or she is going to be truly accepted,” Kim Taylor said.   FULL ARTICLE




FIREBall Gala Ignites Generosity Among Its Guests, Exceeding Goal

By Marty Denzer
Catholic Key Associate Editor

KANSAS CITY — Almost a quarter of a century ago, six families found they shared the same dream — that their children with special needs could attend their parish grade school with their siblings and friends. Through hard work and advocacy, the Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education (F.I.R.E.) was established and in 1996, three children with special needs were enrolled at Visitation and St. Peter’s schools. They were followed by other children and other schools became partners with the foundation, which raised money to help with salaries for para-professionals and special education teachers to support and instruct students with special needs, purchase equipment and technology to empower and aid students in learning and offer professional development and training to educators enabling them to address their students’ unique needs and help them succeed. FULL ARTICLE




FIRE Foundation wins Support Kansas City's “Excellence In Nonprofit Leadership” Award
Support Kansas City Announces “Excellence In Nonprofit Leadership” Award Winners

Mission, KS (May 15, 2018) — Support Kansas City, a nonprofit that provides business and development support services to Greater Kansas City nonprofits, has announced the winners of its prestigious Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Awards. The 2018 awards were granted to the FIRE Foundation for an agency with a budget of $1 million or less, MOCSA for agency with a budget greater than $1 million, and Harvesters for agency with a budget greater than $10 million. Read Full Media Release

Check out our 2017 FIRE Video HERE. Please enjoy our story of a little boy headed off to Kindergarten with his brothers. This is the gift of inclusive education that our Founders wanted all kids in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese to have.