2019 Conference Keynote Presentations
Inclusion as a Mandate Raul Escarpio
The Key to Full Inclusion Nicole Eredics
Moving from Welcoming to Belonging, Michael Boyle

2019 Conference Breakout Session Presentations

Adult ADD Questionnaire Raul Escarpio
UDL and the Diverse Classroom Raul Escarpio
Differentiated Instruction Raul Escarpio
Classroom Behavior Management for Children with Autism & Developmental Disorders Cy Nadler
Characteristics of an Inclusive Classroom Nicole Eredics
Practical Strategies to Modify Curriculum Nicole Eredics
Framing Inclusionary Efforts with Christie Bonfiglio and Sean Smith
Tackle Tier 1 FIRE 2019 Christie Bonfiglio
Technology Sean Smith
Don’t Over Think It! – Beth Bozart & Chris Reffett
Engaging and Motivating Learners with Disabilities Amy Allision
Roadmap to Including Students of All Abilities Amy Allision
Utlilizing MTSS Sandria Morten
Fostering Language, Matt Braun
An IDEA, Father Tom & Steve Perla
Low or no Cost Application, Jerome
Dealing With Anxiety in the Classroom, Daughtery

2017 Conference Keynote Presentations
One Body One Spirit, Michael Boyle
The Promise and Possibility of Inclusion, Torrie Dunlap
Inclusion in Catholic Schools From Obstacles to Hope, Christine Bonfiglio

2017 Conference Breakout Session Presentations
Looking At Behaviors Through a Sensory Lens, Julie Morrow
Lighting the FIRE, MaryAnne Hammond
Design Thinking for Diverse Learners, Mandi Sonnenberg
All Are Welcome, Michael Boyle
Utilizing DI to Meet the Needs of All Students, Linda Hughes & Shari Brundige 
Understanding Behavior Simplifies Inclusion, Christine Bonfiglio
Rethinking Our Approach to Fostering Language and Social Development, Matt Braun
Making Connections Fostering Friendships, Torrie Dunlap
Behavior Management for Educators of Children with Special Needs, Cy  Nadler 
Behavior Management for Parents of Children with Special Needs, Cy Nadler 
ADHD & Anxiety: Minimize Interference/Maximize Performance, S. Archer & G. Murray 
Addressing Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD, Colleen Daugherty
Inclusion and Differentiation, Lindsay Will
Working with a Paraprofessional in an Inclusive Catholic School, Jen Moreland
Putting the Pieces in Place_ How Inclusion Works in Catholic School, S. Archer & J. Moreland
Motivating and Engaging Learners with Down Syndrome, Amy Allison
Roadmap to Including Children of All Abiilties in Your School, Amy Allison

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