FOF Acknowledgement Form

Annual Friends of FIRE Acknowledgment of Support and Parent Commitment Form

All parents of students who receive support services; group support within the classroom, resource room support, and/or partial, shared or full-time assistance from para-professionals, are expected to be ACTIVE participants in Friends of FIRE (FOF).

The involvement of parents is essential for our school to receive FIRE Foundation Funding. Parents and families, through FOF, play a vital role at FIRE partner schools by:

  1. Sharing information with our school community about the benefits of inclusive education for ALL students.
  2. Engaging school families in FIRE fundraising initiatives and events.
  3. Volunteering at FIRE events and school-based events that promote inclusion. (4) Attending Friends of FIRE meetings and occasional education series.

Please download and read the form and fill out the electronic form below.

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I/We understand the expectation to participate in FOF and attend FOF meetings (there are approximately 5 meetings per year)(Required)
I/We will sign up for volunteer opportunities for events promoted by FIRE and will respond to requests from the Foundation staff regarding fundraising efforts.(Required)
I/We understand that FOF is a volunteer advocacy group that supports FIRE fundraising efforts and promotes the values of inclusive Catholic education. (FOF and the FIRE Foundation do NOT Influence children's individual educational Plans.(Required)
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